A Single Payout is a one-time payment made to someone, usually for a product, service, or completed work, as opposed to Recurring Payments made regularly.

Duplo Single Payout offers a quick and convenient way for your business to make one-time payments for goods and services. We help streamline the payment process and reduce the time and effort required to complete a transaction.

To explore how to make a single payout with a visual tour, click here or continue reading. 

Steps To Make A Single Payout

The Single Payout requires the following steps;

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Select the Payout tab then the Make New Payout button.
  3. Fill in all the required information.
  4. If you do not have any recipient saved, click +Add New Recipient. The page below will appear;

    5. After authenticating your payout with an OTP from your phone(SMS) or Google Authenticator, it will be processed and you’ll see a success page like the one below;

    Great job, you're all set!

    Note: Payouts within any defined approval policies for your business will be sent to approvers before they can be processed. For details on Approval Policies, please click here


    • Who is authorized to set up recipients or make payments on Duplo?

      • Only business owners, admins, or initiators can set up recipients or make payments. To learn how to set up admin or initiator roles click here.

    • Can I create a payout to be made at a future date?

      • Yes you can, we call these scheduled payouts. To learn how to make a scheduled payout click here.

    • Can I make a payout to multiple recipients at the same time?

      • Yes you can, we call this bulk payout. To learn how to make a bulk payout click here.