We put together this quick guide to help you get started with syncing your payments with D365

A. Onboarding & Setup

  1. Install Duplo Management Extension

*The installation requirements will be shared with you

  1. Search for Duplo Management API

  1. Edit the list and input the following requirements -

    • Username

    • Domain name

    • Password

    • Account Detail URL 

    • Duplo Business ID and Live Secret Key 

      • Go to Settings > Developer on your Duplo dashboard 

to get the Business ID and Live Secret Key

  1. Click Actions > Complete Onboarding

       *All other required fields have been pre-filled.

B. Create a Sales Invoice on D365

Invoices created on D365 are automatically appended with a 10-digit single-use virtual account numbers

  1. Create a sales invoice

  1. Input the required details;

    • Customer name

    • Type

    • No.

    • Quantity

    • Unit Price Excl. Tax

    • Line Discount % - if applicable

  1. Post the invoice

C. Track Payment on Duplo

Every virtual account number created with a D365 invoice is saved on your Duplo dashboard with the customer name, invoice number, and amount.

D (1). Confirm payment on Duplo 

When payment is complete, the transaction is displayed on your Duplo dashboard on the transactions page.

D (2). Confirm payment on D365

On your D365 dashboard, search for Duplo Transaction details and post payment notification for the payment(s). 

To confirm payment on Microsoft D365, search for customers > select the customer > click navigate > click statement > review the downloaded PDF.

Need more help? Get support from us at hello@tryduplo.com.