When you sign in to your Duplo Account, your account is in Test Mode to help you understand how Duplo works before you start actual transactions. You must take it to Live Mode to make, track, and collect payments with real money.

To take your account to Live mode, you must activate your business by submitting the required compliance documents for KYC verification

There are different compliance requirements for Duplo depending on your type of business.

Step 1: Click Settings on the sidebar

Step 2: Select the Compliance tab on the settings page 

Step 3: Select your Business Industry from the industry drop-down list and Business Type i.e. a Sole Proprietorship or a Limited Liability Company

Step 4: Click Continue to proceed with the required compliance documents

Step 5: Based on the Business Industry and Business Type selected, you are required to provide ;

  1. Bank details - These should be the bank details associated with your business 
    1. Bank name
    2. Account number
    3. Account name
  2. Owner or Director details
    1. Owners' details are required for Sole Proprietorship
    2. One or more directors' details are required for a Limited Liability Company 
  3. Documents - The documents required are based on the Business Industry and Type selected 


Step 5: When all required documents are provided, click Submit. Once your KYC documents are verified, you are ready to start making seamless transactions on your Duplo Business Account.


  • How long does it take for my account to be activated?
    • Within 48 hours your account will be activated if there are no issues with the provided document.